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8 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

8 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Wrinkle formation is normal during the natural aging process. It occurs when the collagen and the elastin which are found in the connective tissue of the skin become weak and get damaged. Other factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking, and certain medications may lead to the development of wrinkles.  Many home remedies can be used to prevent the formation of wrinkles. You can do most of these tips on your own without having to visit a dermatologist or a health care provider.

1. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight

Excessive exposure to sunlight is the leading cause of wrinkles. Studies have revealed that children who have limited exposure to sunlight develop fewer wrinkles and look younger than those who spend more time in the sun. If you must go into the sun, it is advisable to wear sunscreen. According to the American Society of Dermatology, sunscreen may help prevent the development of wrinkles by reducing the effects of the direct sunlight.

2. Avoid smoking

Several studies have revealed that cigarette smoking is a risk factor for the formation of wrinkles. Smoking cigarettes leads to the production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are critical components of the skin.

3. Sleep on your back

According to the American Society of Dermatology, sleeping in certain positions may promote the formation of wrinkles. Wrinkles form on the skin, and they do not disappear once you have awakened. The formation of wrinkles on the cheeks and chin increases with sleeping on the side while sleeping face-down may cause a furrowed brow. Experts recommend sleeping on your back to reduce wrinkle formation.

4. Eat plenty of salmon fish

Salmon fish is high in nutrients such as proteins. Salmon is also rich in healthy essential fatty acids, known as omega-3 fatty acids. Proteins form one of the building blocks of healthy skin. The omega-3 fatty acids may also help nourish the skin giving it a youthful appearance.

5. Eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and D which promote healthy skin. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants which may help remove free radicals. The free radicals are unstable molecules that may cause damage to the skin. The antioxidant effects of these nutrients may help prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

6. Avoid over washing your face

According to dermatologists, over washing your face using tap water may lead to the formation of wrinkles on the face. Tap water may remove the natural barrier oils and moisture that protects the skin from the development of wrinkles. Keep your skin moisturized every morning and night to keep it properly hydrated.

7. Get adequate sleep

Dermatologists caution that not getting adequate sleep may lead to the formation of wrinkles. Lack of sufficient sleep may result in the synthesis of excess cortisol. Excess cortisol in the body leads to the destruction of skin cells which leads to wrinkles.

8. Drink plenty of water

Water is recommended as the best solution for many health and beauty conditions. Several skin conditions develop as a result of inadequate hydration of the body. Drinking several glasses of water a day may help prevent the formation of wrinkles. Adequate intake of water may also promote the healing of wrinkles present on the skin. Water promotes skin thickening and elasticity.

Final thoughts

Wrinkles are lines and creases that may form on the skin. They can be caused by several factors such as aging, excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking, and nutritional deficiency among others. Wrinkles can be prevented using several ways such as eating a balanced diet, avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight, and avoiding cigarette smoking among others. It is also advisable to visit a dermatologist to get advice on the best prevention and treatment methods to use.