Healthy Skin for a Lifetime


Wrinkle formation is normal during the natural aging process. It occurs when the collagen and the elastin which are found in the connective tissue of the skin become weak and get damaged. Other factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking, and certain medications may lead to the development of wrinkles.  Many home remedies can

8 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Want to hear some interesting news about the plastic surgery industry? Women are no longer interested in going under the knife! According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, fewer cosmetic surgeries are being performed each year since 2009. Apparently, patients don’t want face lifts anymore and are in search of non-surgical alternatives instead.

3 Principles of an Effective Skin Care Regimen

Most people would go to great lengths to attain youthful beauty. In fact, many have opted to undergo expensive therapies and treatments just to halt aging. But beware, because surgeries and treatments only offer temporary solutions. What some people don’t know is that there are a lot anti-aging secrets and steps that can be incorporated

Anti Aging Secrets

*DISCLAIMER: The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. This information is for educational purposes only. Results may vary from person to person. Environmental factors, pollution, and stress can lead to moisture loss and skin damages. Aging is another natural process that can also affect the way your

Tips For Choosing Anti Aging Creams